The Avanti is our most popular 125cc air-cooled engine of choice for club level racing and is used exclusively in several Japanese championships.

Simplicity and robust strength: The design of the Avanti race engine boasts several advantages, such as robust and simple engine design, reliability, ease of use and race performance economy.

Design stability: When stability in specification and performance is a key requirement, then the Avanti excels.

Performance and economy: The Avanti is a modern 2- stroke engine with electric start and long life clutch. Producing 22Hp it operates well-within component design limits, thereby maximising component life and minimising costs to the competitor.

Lower operating temperatures: The Avanti operates at around 150-160 degrees Celsius, resulting in less on track driver tuning, making it easier to use for all drivers, from casual to experienced. Running at cooler temperatures is also more economical. This is due to the modern design and extensive fins which keep the engine operating in an ideal temperature range with less fluctuation than some of the other air-cooled models on the market.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are or your level of experience, Avanti is sure to please. It delivers smooth, progressive power and is easy to run and maintain.